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At The MVEYE, we delve deep into the heart of the gem, jewelry and watch industry, offering unparalleled insights that drive decision-making for businesses worldwide. With a fusion of deep research, hands-on expertise, and innovative methodologies, we illuminate the road to success in these dynamic markets.

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Marty Hurwitz

CEO and Founder
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What Exactly Does The MVEye Do?



Demography is Destiny!
THE MVEye uses research to help our clients to truly KNOW their target markets.

  • Who is the end consumer?
  • Where do they shop?
  • What are the optimum distribution channels?
  • What are the marketing vehicles that will reach them?



Content is King!
The MVEye helps clients establish their digital footprint in front of their target markets.

  • What platforms are you consumers on?
  • What is their preferred communication methods?
  • What kind of messages resonate with your target audience?



Monitor and Assess

It’s a complicated world out there.
Getting the marketing exactly right the first time is rare. Testing is important to maximizing the efficiency of the spend.



After testing, assessing, reconfiguring we are ready to deploy. THE MVEye helps clients monitor the efficacy of every campaign from start to finish.

How Can I Grow In The Industry?

See How THE MVEye Can Help Your Business Grow.

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Frequently Asked Question

Explore how The MVEYE addresses the lab-grown sector’s burning questions, offering tailored insights and strategies for modern business challenges.

Absolutely, that is our speciality, reach out and we'll help you find the best market opportunities and how to tap into them. 

Staying ahead in the lab-grown industry demands constant vigilance and in-depth analysis. At The MVEYE, we offer innovative market reports that proactively spot and dissect emerging trends. Our data-driven insights ensure you're always in tune with the industry's heartbeat, enabling you to pivot and adapt swiftly.

Every business's pathway to growth is unique, especially in a dynamic industry like lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. The MVEYE offers bespoke consulting services tailored to your specific challenges and objectives. Our strategic advisory team, backed by years of hands-on experience, guides you in formulating and executing strategies that yield tangible results.

Understanding consumer preferences is crucial for success. At The MVEYE, our deep-dive consumer insight analyses provide a window into the evolving mindset of your target audience. We help you align your offerings to resonate powerfully with contemporary market demands, ensuring you always remain a preferred choice for consumers.

We can help you assess how your marketing is performing compared to industry benchmarks. This type of intel, you can't find anywhere else. 

Marketing comes in a variety of ways, however we can help you find the messages your consumers are eager to hear. And we help you by showing you how to iterate faster on your marketing. 

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Perfect for prime lab-grown diamond growers, wholesalers, retailers, trade associations, and financial institutions.