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Hey THE MVEye was a startup once too! We understand the unique challenges and exhilarating possibilities that come with starting a new venture, and we’re here to help you navigate this exciting journey.

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THE MVEye works with clients at every stage of the supply chain and product pipeline.



Consulting That Understands Your Vision & Budget

We know that every startup is unique, with its own vision and constraints, especially when it comes to budget.

That’s why our consulting services are as diverse and flexible as the startups we serve.

Whether you’re looking for market analysis, brand development strategies, product design insights, or effective communication tactics, our team offers a range of services to fit your specific needs and financial considerations.

At THE MVEye, we believe that great potential shouldn’t be hindered by limited resources.

We have years of experience and a network like you’ve never seen before.

Our research is more than just data, it’s a strategic tool that illuminates the path forward.

You’re not just accessing information; you’re gaining a professional partner that knows the industry.

We recognize that each client is distinct, with specific challenges and aspirations.

The Principals

We got some good advice; we drove cross country to make it happen and we wound
up in the right place at the right time. If you’ve got a dream, we’ll listen.

Marty Hurwitz

CEO | Founder

Why Choose To Work With Us

Our main goal is to help people really understand how the gem, jewelry and watch business works. We do this by studying the industries very carefully and learning about the newest consumer trends.

Our research discoveries have turned into indispensable assets for companies and organizations across the globe. They rely on our intel and reports for vital decision-making and to stay ahead in their respective industries. We dive into the subtleties of these market segments, offering all-encompassing intel and insights into these multifaceted luxury market consumers.

At THE MVEye, we are dedicated to delivering first-rate research and communication services meticulously tailored to the Gem, Jewelry & Watch Industries. If you have any queries or require further information, please feel free to contact us.


Get access to all our market research and industry trends. 


Customers don’t just receive research; they gain a trusted partner.


THE most comprehensive and detailed research in the gem, jewelry and watch industries.

Discovering The Best In Research

We are the premier communication consultants in the gem, jewelry and watch industries. 


What Our Customers Say

Real Voices, Real Impact: Explore our testimonials section to discover firsthand accounts of how The MVEye research has transformed businesses.

Zulu Ghevriya

“Marty is the eye of this industry, his reports are well executed and informative. With his research, I am 100% confident in the analysis and data shared on the industry views and current events.”

Valerie Minassian

“Very well informed and always accurate, Marty is precious for entrepreneurs trying to path their way in the jewelry industry. He is an extremely good listener, a perfect consultant and a supportive team player!”

Paul Beaulieu

“Awesome report, Marty! You, Liz and your team continue to provide incredibly valuable information to the industry and to the consumers. Unique, credible and very well-presented data. Thank you very much.”

Ray Stuart

“Marty is the consummate professional and excellent at providing clear concise information regarding consumer interests and hidden business opportunities.”

Dan Schneider

“First let me tell you I think the work you have been doing is off the charts for its insight and range of topics. Just an amazing job on your part and congratulations, the jewelry industry owes you a big thanks!”

Igniting Potential in Jewelry Entrepreneurs


Hourly One-on-One session with THE MVEye CEO Marty Hurwitz

Marty is one of the jewelry industry’s leading business strategists and he has helped a global client list with his laser focused analysis and recommendations. Key topics for Marty include back end supply chain management, LGD’s, content marketing, CRM and sales team development, startup nurturing.


Hourly One-on-One session with THE MVEye President Liz Chatelain

Liz joined the cutting-edge diamond jewelry designer, Jerry Madison, and as sales manager developed a multimillion-dollar division with department and jewelry chain stores across North America. This led to the foundation of her extensive direct contact network with most volume diamond jewelry retailers. 


Monthly Consulting Retainers To Fit Any Budget

We bring to the table a blend of experience, innovation, and a deep understanding of the gem, jewelry, and watch sectors. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the market and unlock new opportunities for your business.


Fixed Projects Fees

For over 35 years, THE MVEye has been a beacon of insight and strategic guidance in the global gem, jewelry, and watch industries. Our legacy is built on not just understanding the intricacies of these markets, but also on fostering the growth and success of businesses within them.

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Perfect for prime lab-grown diamond growers, wholesalers, retailers, trade associations, and financial institutions.