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The largest jewelry retailers in the USA are spending an average of $532,800 per month on digital marketing to draw consumers to their websites. Independent retailers and mid-size chains are challenged to compete in an unfair battle for jewelry consumer eyeballs and click thrus. This case study report details how one independent jewelry retailer won the battle with an innovative new digital marketing platform called OnSite.

OnSite Retail Jewelry Marketing Case Study

We’ve been studying marketing campaigns for jewelry retailers for over 30 years. We’ve never seen anything as efficient as OnSite. Albert’s Jewelers achieved a 30x return on ad spend using OnSite’s proprietary digital marketing platform. 

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Custom Research

THE MVEye uses custom research to help our clients to truly KNOW their target markets.

Content is King

The MVEye helps clients establish their digital footprint in front of their target markets.


Getting the marketing exactly right the first time is rare. 

Ready to Deploy

THE MVEye helps clients monitor the efficacy of every campaign from start to finish.

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Our Reviews

Consumers often speak, through THE MVEye’s research, directly to a reluctant industry. It was early consumer research, from THE MVEye, that proved Champagne Diamonds would sell at retail. But the jewelry industry didn’t believe it.

Michael Director of Strategic Planning at GemTech Solutions

The MVEYE has proven to be an invaluable resource for our team. The extensive data and comprehensive analyses available through their premium membership have enriched our understanding of the lab-grown sector exponentially. It’s like having an expert in-house, available 24/7, ensuring we’re always on the right track.

Valerie Founder of EcoGem Boutique

As a small business owner, I was initially hesitant about investing in a premium membership. However, The MVEYE has exceeded my expectations. The clarity of their reports, coupled with actionable insights, has empowered us to navigate the industry confidently and achieve sustainable growth.

Ray CEO of Diamond Innovations

Joining The MVEYE's premium membership has been a game-changer for our business. The depth of their reports and the timely insights they provide have given us a competitive edge in the market. We're now making more informed decisions and identifying opportunities faster than ever before.


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OnSite Jewelry Retail Marketing Case Study

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