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Marty Hurwitz

CEO and Founder

Here's What We Believe...

  • Nothing sells in jewelry until it SELLS at retail
  • Retail is NEVER going to be the same again
  • THE most important part of the equation is the CONSUMER
  • THE consumer's VOICE is the only one that counts
  • THE consumer is changing EVERYTHING


Demography is Destiny!
THE MVEye uses research to help our clients to truly KNOW their target markets.

  • Who is the end consumer?
  • Where do they shop?
  • What are the optimum distribution channels?
  • What are the marketing vehicles that will reach them?


Content is King!
The MVEye helps clients establish their digital footprint in front of their target markets.

Monitor and Assess

It’s a complicated world out there.
Getting the marketing exactly right the first time is rare. Testing is important to maximizing the efficiency of the spend.


After testing, assessing, reconfiguring we are ready to deploy. THE MVEye helps clients monitor the efficacy of every campaign from start to finish.

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