Gold Demand Trends Q2 2023

From the World Gold Council...

Q2 gold demand (excluding OTC) dropped slightly by 2% y/y to 921t, driven by a marked deceleration in net central bank buying compared to above average purchases in Q2’22. Inclusive of OTC and stock flows, total demand strengthened 7% y/y to 1,255t.1

Despite sales from Turkey in response to specific local market conditions, the 103t of net official sector purchasing in Q2 is in line with the underlying positive trend towards gold among central banks.

Jewellery consumption managed a modest improvement despite the high gold price environment, up 3% y/y at 476t. With jewellery fabrication of 491t, inventories increased by around 15t in Q2, in part as Chinese jewellery consumption failed to meet the trade’s optimistic expectations.

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