Red Carpet Review: Platinum Trends


Before we delve into the world of Hollywood glamour, let's talk about the real star of the 2023 red carpet season – platinum. Revered for its natural white color, platinum is the epitome of elegance and longevity. It's stronger than other jewelry metals, meaning it will securely hold diamonds and other precious gems. As such, it's become a trusted ally on the red carpet, where every step and every twirl is captured for the world to see. In retail, its durability translates to heirloom-quality pieces, beloved by generations of jewelry lovers. But more than its physical properties, it's a symbol of purity, rarity, and eternity. These values resonated with celebrities as they made their memorable moments on the red carpet. When it comes to making a statement of sophistication and eternal beauty, nothing shines quite like platinum.

The Met Gala was a platinum-filled affair this year. Our favorite pop icon (pictured above) Dua Lipa outshone the competition in a dazzling platinum necklace by Tiffany and Co. Brazilian superstar Anitta paired her fiery orange topaz platinum necklace with a stunning platinum watch by Roger Dubuis. Our favorite comedic genius, Mindy Kaling, also hopped on the platinum bandwagon with platinum rings by Fred Leighton. Kate Moss and Rihanna made waves with their elegant platinum necklaces.

The Oscars were another testament to platinum’s unparalleled appeal. Michael B Jordan adorned his elegant suit with a platinum brooch, while Florence Pugh, as pictured above, paired her show-stopping look with a structural platinum necklace. And let’s not forget Lady Gaga, who made a stunning appearance in a Tiffany archives necklace set in platinum. Don't miss Town & Country's exclusive look at Gaga's necklace.

The 29th Annual SAG Awards were truly a spectacle of platinum elegance. Amanda Seyfried, pictured above, stole the show in platinum Cartier high jewelry earrings with emeralds, onyx, and diamonds. In an ensemble Miranda Priestly would approve, Emily Blunt chose a platinum Bvlgari high jewelry ring that featured an oval ruby for her red carpet moment. But, Cara Delevingne made the biggest platinum statement with her De Beers jewelry look that included a line bracelet, eternity band, volute ring, and an emerald diamond eternity band, all set in platinum.

At the Golden Globes, platinum was the metal of choice. As featured above, Selena Gomez paired her gorgeous black gown with platinum earrings, while Lily James opted for a bold look with her platinum earrings, necklace, and rings. Laverne Cox made quite the statement that evening fully embracing platinum as she adorned her hair with a platinum broach.