Sustainability Score of 100

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Sustainability Score of 100

Lab-Grown Diamond Company is first producer joining SCS-007 Program with 100% renewable energy, lowest recorded emissions achieving highest rating in Diamond Sector...

ALTR Created Diamonds, the world’s leading lab-grown diamond company, has announced that its lab-grown diamond producing division has achieved SCS-007 Sustainability Rated Diamonds Certification from third-party certifier, SCS Global Services. ALTR achieved certification by meeting all the requirements of the SCS-007 Certification Standard for Sustainability Rated Diamonds, the first comprehensive, multi-stakeholder sustainability standard developed by SCS Standards for the diamond sector. With a rich history pioneering the lab-grown diamond industry that began in 2006 and serving as a leading OEM supplier to prominent brands, ALTR becomes only the second company in the world to receive this certification for 100% renewable energy powered production.

"Sustainability is not a buzz word, it's in our DNA. This certification validates our commitment to the highest ethics and morality in the lab-grown diamond industry.” We pride ourselves on our 'farm to table' approach, where we meticulously grow diamonds, cut and polish them, design and craft jewelry, all under one umbrella. This integrated process enables us to ensure the highest standards of quality and transparency throughout every step. With the SCS-007 certification, we're not just producing diamonds; we're setting the standard for the industry."

During the process to attain this recognition, ALTR became the first SCS-007 certified producer and second overall producer to enter the program using 100% renewable energy for production. In addition, as a proud participant of the Make in India Initiative, ALTR is the first SCS-007 certified producer with a Sustainability Rating score of 100 signaling perfect scores in the key pillars of the standard. ALTR also recorded the lowest emissions and met the ESG (Environment Social Governance) requirements for human rights, workers’ rights, health & safety, and business integrity.

The SCS-007 certification encompasses five key pillars of sustainability, ensuring that every aspect of the diamond production meets rigorous environmental and ethical criteria:

Verified Origin Traceability: ALTR guarantees more than 99% accuracy in tracing the origin of each diamond from its producer to the point of sale, providing transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain.

Ethical Stewardship: Aligned with internationally recognized norms of business integrity, ALTR adheres to strict environmental and social responsibility standards, promoting ethical practices in the industry.

Net Zero Carbon Footprint: ALTR achieved net zero carbon footprint and is committed to reducing future production carbon footprints through offsetting and continuous efficiency improvements in energy use and operations.

Sustainable Production Practices: ALTR worked to reduce impacts and is committed to attaining net zero impacts in at least 50% of the additional categories such as Air and Water pollutants, ecosystem, resource base, and water impacts.

Sustainability Investments: ALTR is investing not only to improve its own operations
and supply chains, but also in projects that help communities and protect climate and the environment.

Each SCS-007 certified diamond comes with an on-product consumer certificate of sustainability which outlines the achievements and sustainability journey of each stone.


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