Luxury is Dead


Luxury is Dead

Marty Hurwitz

While watching the football games last weekend I learned that the Atlanta Falcons are building a new stadium right next door to their current stadium. It will be completed in time for their next season and will be state of the art for giant event venues.

And guess what? It will be named Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Not to be confused with Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

Mercedes-Benz is an iconic brand but not really the type of car I would normally associate with football fans. In fact if you look closely enough you will see Mercedes-Benz branding, advertising and product placements everywhere these days.

Actually, with very few exceptions, you can see luxury brands, or what we used to think of as luxury brands, everywhere. Luxury brands are ubiquitous. And when a brand or product is ubiquitous it is, by its nature, NOT scarce.

Not only are these brands ubiquitous they have also dropped their price points to be more affordable to everyone.

Everyone and anyone can have it, own it, lease it, wear it and drive it.

For larger, publicly traded companies growth is everything. You must grow or die. The shareholders demand it. And once a luxury brand maxes out with the global high end consumer demographic, there is only one place to go to get scale and that place is down.

Luxury is dead!

Long live luxury.

Here are a few brands that I believe are still luxurious...

Rolls Royce





Let me know about brands that you believe are still luxury.

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