JCK Holiday Commercials Research Report

JCK asked MVI Marketing to conduct consumer research on eight actual Christmas commercials (videos) from eight major jewelry brands. The companies/brands represented were: Forevermark, James Allen, James Avery, Jared, Kay Jewelers, Pandora, Swarovski, Tiffany&Co.

The survey was deployed December 10 through December 12, 2019 to 606 consumers with the following demographics:

USA only
Male (43%) and Female (57%)
Household Income > $25,000
Millennials (born 1980 - 1994: 35%); Gen X (born 1965 - 1979: 33%) and Baby Boomers (born 1944 - 1964: 32%)

The goal of the survey was to understand consumer favorites of the eight commercials and any difference in preference based on age group. Consumers were shown videos to view and evaluate in a random order so as not to give preference to any company/brand.

JCK Holiday Commercials Research Report

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