THE MVEye has the world’s most detailed and up to date CRM database in the global gem, jewelry and watch industry. Our CRM database is updated daily with contact and company changes for every key player in the industry today.

THE MVEye uses OnePageCRM exclusively for all of our contact management, marketing, and sales needs.


OnePageCRM is the first action-focused sales CRM. With its unique Action Stream feature, it turns a database into a dynamic to-do list where every lead and customer has a task or a reminder set next to them. This makes follow-ups and lead generation much easier.

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Contact Management

Get a detailed view of all related details, from contact info and associated deals to every logged call and corresponding Next Action. All on one scrollable page.


Power up your email communication with OnePageCRM. Stay focused and automate tasks so you can nurture your leads like a pro.

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Pipeline & Reporting

Streamline your sales process, set up deals with a click, monitor your team’s progress, and watch them move closer to winning with every completed deal stage.


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