From the Outside Looking In...

When a company wants to enter the jewelry space from outside it can be a scary process. Particularly if that company is very large, very well healed and used to getting their way. 

So when Sequoia Capital, one of the largest venture capital companies in the world, contacted THE MVEye, we gave them a hard-core, honest perspective on their project and guess what.

They went forward anyway. 

And they scored big!

They wanted trade intel on the diamond jewelry industry, consumer research on a new product, market sizing on the potential for that diamond jewelry product and due diligence on a major jewelry acquisition they were planning. 

And like all big financial organizations they wanted it really fast.

They came to us because of our specific industry niche. Something that has always been one of our core strengths. No one really knows the jewelry industry and the jewelry consumer like THE MVEye.

So we gave them the research, insights, strategy and wisdom to evaluate the investment.

And they went forward.

Two years later they took that property to the public share market and made a significant profit on their original investment.

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