Using Research to Support a Brand Valuation

If you're developing a brand, you can't possibly over estimate the value of consumer market research and brand awareness testing. If you are raising capital for your brand, consumer market research and brand awareness testing become valuation multipliers that can drive your capital raise to new heights.

That was certainly the case when THE MVEye began working with John Hardy. 

Management wanted to sell the company to a new round of Private Equity buyers. They had the results, the earnings and the growth story, but they wanted the consumer market research, from a credible 3rd party, to drive interest and competition with targeted equity investors.

The strategy was brilliant and THE MVEye's role and output increased interest from buyers and drove a very hot competition between 3 different investment groups. 

Brand stories require brand and market measurements to track success. This is true in all consumer products but especially true for brand stories in the jewelry and watch spaces.

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