It's Not About the Trade, It's All About the Consumer

From the beginning of the Champagne Diamond campaign the trade (the traditional jewelry retailing industry) were the skeptics. They didn't believe that consumers would be interested in natural color diamonds, especially browns, even if you changed the name. 

But we did the consumer research and we knew the only voice that matter was the consumer's. And we knew that Champagne Diamond fine jewelry would be a hit, particularly with self purchasing females (the MOST underserved demographic in jewelry retailing. 

So how would we convince a tradition bound, male dominated industry that was risk averse, resistant to change and living under thumb of the De Beers cartel?

Well we took it right to them.

We schedule over 60 in store retail events with the leading high end jewelry retailers in the USA. We brought in hundreds of styles of Champagne Diamond jewelry, bottles of Champagne, food, music and some very high end profile product (including one of the Argyle Eggs valued at $13 million). We asked retailers to invite their client to the events and see if they would buy the product. 

The results were spectacular. With some events selling of $100,000 in product in one night! Retailers were instantly converted and wanted to stock the product right away. Self purchasing females love the contrast of natural color diamond jewelry as an accessory to their fashion outfits. Retailers loved the margins they made.

A new category in jewelry retailing was born and it still carries on to this day.

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